Global Data USA offers Live Calls since 2012.

We advertise a network of web sites that display toll free numbers and click-to-call ads to consumers interested in speaking with a loan officer or credit repair specialist.

You choose which type of call to get.

No calls - no charges
Filtered Calls

When a consumer calls our toll free numbers we determine the product the consumer is looking for as well as the area they are calling from and will route the inbound call accordingly.

Click-to-Call Ads

When a consumer partially fills in an application form at our websites and the data submitted matches your advanced call filter, your ad and company name is displayed next to a designated 1-800 phone number. If the prospect clicks or dials this number, the inbound call is routed to your destination number.

Outbound Telemarketing Calls

Every month we receive tens of thousands of consumer requests. The Telemarketing Calls are direct calls from our call center to those consumers. If we qualify the prospect for your particular service and get consumer's consent, we transfer the call. Contact our support to check availability of Telemarketing Calls in your area.
The only requirement: you must maintain at least $50 in your account to keep live calls going.
You choose which type of call to get.
No calls - no charges.

Get Your
Phone Ringing

Specify prospects,
put your phone number,
set the days and times for the calls to ring in.